Coffee plant


Coffee production plant A large-scale roasting system designed to improve quality and work efficiency

全自動 炭・ガス兼用60kg Green bean input The easy to use charging machine contributes to reduced labor.
全自動 炭・ガス兼用60kg Rougher, stone remover and polisher This is equipment to improve the quality of the coffee beans.
全自動 炭・ガス兼用60kg Green bean silo measurement system It is possible to thoroughly manage the coffee beans. (Quality management, stock management, etc.)
全自動 炭・ガス兼用60kg Roasted bean silo
This contributes to reduced labor requirements for quality management.
Green bean blower
Repeatedly placing the raw beans into the hopper on the roaster by hand is heavy work. The blower uses air to transfer the raw beans into the hopper. There are types available for installation on the ground and for embedded installation under the ground and the equipment contributes to labor-saving.
全自動 炭・ガス兼用60kgExample installation
of the ground type.
全自動 炭・ガス兼用60kgExample installation
of the underground type.